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  Two Japanese Musical Guys
01:37 - Two japanese guys try to copy an music with theier faces its really funny if you like music and comedy.
Blues Slide Guitar Cam Stikes Again
03:04 - From  ardentoctopus - I tuned up this time. I am
in an open D tunning and playing sort of my signature tune.

Gal Singing
A china gal singing

"You Tube" (A Love Song) - Original Song -
Acoustic Version

02:57 - Guy sings Love Song while playing the guitar.

Asian singing "That way"
Two asians acting. A funny video.

Girl Singing Heaven
Girl singing "Heaven"

Keep Singing My Song Preformed by Danielle White
Danielle white playing the piano and singing.

Japanese guy playing cool instrument part 2
Very smooth and skillful playing

Little girl singing "If I Aint Got You"
Little girl singing "If I Aint Got You" by Alicia Keys.