Contest Overview

Hypersonix Music’s “Set Yourself Apart” Video Contest gives non-professional singers the opportunity to submit video clips of themselves singing and/or playing a musical instrument for a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate to a participating retail music store of their choice.
Winners will be selected weekly based on viewer ratings.

How to Enter

 To enter Hypersonix Music’s “Set Yourself Apart” Video Contest is simple:

  • Make video -   Choose any song or music to your liking.  Videos can be of any length, but it’s best to keep it under 5 minutes. 
  • Upload video
  • Fill it out and submit contest form

Contest Rules

1.         You must be 18 years old to enter to be eligible to win the contest, but parents and guardians can enter the contest for you.

2.         Contestants may submit an unlimited number of videos, as long as each is different. Winners will be selected weekly based on average             viewer ratings and notified by e-mail.  The contest will run through December 31, 2007, unless extended by Hypersonix Music.

3.         Employees of Hypersonix Music and their immediate family members are not eligible.

4.         Prizes will be awarded to the individual who registered the video submission.  Winners must supply Hypersonix Music with their legal name,             mailing address, date of birth and daytime and nighttime telephone number within 14 calendar days of notification or prize will be forfeit.              Winners are responsible for any taxes, levies and charges incurred.

5.         By agreeing to the rules of the contest, you give Hypersonix Music the perpetual right to use, reproduce, display, transmit, modify or             otherwise make use of the video at and in any and all media, and you permit your name and likeness to be used             in connection with the video.  No monetary or other compensation shall be due you and you shall not be considered an employee or agent of             Hypersonix Music.

6.         You acknowledge that you are not infringing on the rights of any intellectual property owner and that identifiable people who appear in the             video have provided written consent to appear and have passed along all rights for usage as well.

7.         You assume full responsibility for all material in your video, and agree to defend, indemnify  and hold harmless Hypersonix Music (its officers,             directors, employees and agents) against all claims, lawsuits, demands, damages, torts, loss liability or expenses (including reasonable              attorney’s fees) arising out of production or distribution of your video and any content therein.

8.          Hypersonix Music reserves the right to remove video submissions that it determines are, in its sole and exclusive discretion, defamatory,              obscene, profane, slanderous or that make threatening statements.  Videos removed by Hypersonix Music for any reason are not eligible to              win the contest.